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  • Extreme Colors

    ThunderOne is equipped with RGBWY five-channel color engines. The new technology provides 20% wider color gamut, with a color rendering index Ra up to 98, a TLCI up to 96. All color and lighting indices are precisely adjustable.

    Beyond the Sunlight

    Supported by the latest scientific studies, the innovative Augmented Reality (AR) mode makes object colors appear fresher and preferred than they are under sunlight. Advanced control models allow users to adjust the skin tone saturation level with a fixed white light appearance, thus the film shooting group is able to edit object colors in reality, without changing the white balance settings in cameras.

    Brighter & Softer

    ThunderOne outputs 50% more light than usual soft light panels at the same size, reaching 2000lx at 3 meters’ distance. Meanwhile, the optical system is optimized, ensuring that the lights are uniformly spread out, evenly reaching to the surface of the object.

    Compact & Continuous

    ThunderOne’s built-in power supply allows for more portability and reliable performance. The powerful ThunderOne driver provides continuous light output. No flickers at high-speed shooting.