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    Film shooting

    The industry's brightest and most versatile flat-panel soft light. Meet various color needs of film shooting

    Camera calibration

    Accurate scene simulation for camera HDR and color reproduction calibration

    Visual research

    Extensive APIs are available for visual researchers. Simply enter the target light color parameters to obtain an ideal visual research light source

    Color management

    ThunderOne’s equipment is widely used in international lighting standardization organizations and traditional color industries

    Thunder One

    The brightest, highest color quality

    most versatile LED softlight panel for film and television shooting

    High Color Quality

    ThunderOne uses the latest RGBWY five-color mixing technology.

    The color gamut is 20% wider than previous color mixing light sources.

    High Brightness

    ThunderOne provides more than 2000lx at a distance of 3 meters.

    It is 50% brighter than the second brightest products in the market.

    Extremely Powerful Functions

    ThunderOne supports various functions, including color temperature tuning,

    various natural and artificial light simulation, more than 50,000 color output,

    more than 10 dynamic lighting effect, and an advanced augmented reality mode.